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SOLDIER S PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT The personnel listed below authorized to maintain their SSN and personal information in his/her Leader s Book with the understanding that this information will not be disclosed except in the line of his/her official duties. NAME SSN SIGNATURE http //LeadersBook. ArmyStudyGuide. com DATE CHAIN OF CONCERN Squad Leader Name Address Telephone Platoon Sergeant Platoon Leader 1SG Commander DAILY PERSONNEL STATUS Date Off...
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hey what was the Privacy Act of 1974 the Privacy Act well generally this is a law protecting individuals against collection of their personal data by the government okay specifically it applies to federal agencies or bureaus or the broader definition of agency or Commission's underneath agencies but it prohibits them without meeting certain standards from collecting personally identifiable information now it allows a broad collection of other types of data that are not personally identifiable without further step or process they call it metadata but by and large any of this person identifiable information the agency has to meet certain standards now to start with it has to post in the Federal Register notice of the type of information that it collects so the public can be aware of this type of information it has to have certain safeguards against disclosure of this information without specific permission of the end of the identified individual it requires the ability for individuals to access that information and to identify any errors and a method or procedure for correcting any errors in the information collected by the agency and generally the agency must have an internal data integrity board that records any requests and complaints about compliance with the Privacy Act and thereby reports those complaints to the Office of Budget of Budget and Management for for recording so now there are numerous limitations here that the agency can disclose the information without an individual's consent for certain purposes that's routine government purposes census data criminal or a minute or congressional investigations etc but in all of the circumstances again that's anti disclosure the disclosure provisions and the privacy protection provisions apply there to protect individuals against that level of government intrusion upon their rights
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